YelpCamp (created in Node.js) complete!

I am not sure if it is Colt Steele’s awesome instruction or the fact that I just find JavaScript and the node.js stack much easier to grasp than PHP, but I must say that it was a pleasure building YelpCamp and I can see the use in going through and creating databases for a whole Read more about YelpCamp (created in Node.js) complete![…]

The Making of a Portfolio

I am in a weird state right now. I have several projects to display that I have been working on over the last several months, either with a course or on my own, and I want to make a portfolio. I want to make it in WordPress because I am familiar with WordPress. I want Read more about The Making of a Portfolio[…]

My First Coding Interview – Got to Stage 3 in the Process!

When I sent in an application for a WordPress Developer posting for a company called Cafe Media, I did it because I love their content, (especially on their website Revelist), but I didn’t expect to get too far into the interview process because I am still at the beginning of my journey into PHP. I Read more about My First Coding Interview – Got to Stage 3 in the Process![…]

Back to the Backend: Node.js, MongoDB & Express

I have completed the JavaScript section of Colt Steel’s Web Development Bootcamp which was an awesome review and also added clarification to concepts that I was not getting the first time I dove into JavaScript a few months ago. Now it is on to the backend development portion of the class. So far so good. Read more about Back to the Backend: Node.js, MongoDB & Express[…]

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My Uncle’s New Website

Over the holidays my uncle lamented that his old HTML Angelfire¬†website was not functioning properly on his Internet Explorer browser and that he would have to recreate it on another platform. He didn’t know that I had been taking deep dives into front-end development, and I decided this would be an interesting opportunity to work Read more about My Uncle’s New Website[…]

A Couple of Great Articles to Make the Most of 2017!

Happy New Year! If you have been keeping up on my blog, you know that most mornings I have chosen to take a few hours to study coding, and have been doing so consistently since August 2016. Here are a couple of articles that have really helped me stay focused on my studies… Maybe they Read more about A Couple of Great Articles to Make the Most of 2017![…]

Looking Back on 2016: Coding & Time Management

In my last post, I wrote, “But I am still up most mornings finishing 2-3 hours of coursework before my official day begins.” I am posting on the last day of 2016 that I am celebrating that I have been dedicating these 2-3 hours every morning to learning coding since August. I have only missed Read more about Looking Back on 2016: Coding & Time Management[…]


Confirming my Abilities with Bootstrap

Last week I wrote about how the exercises in the new Full-Stack Udemy course I am taking confirmed my new capacities with HTML and CSS, and now I am receiving more confirmation with building a few new things in Bootstrap. Here are some of my creations, based on Colt Steele’s tutorials from his Udemy Course. Read more about Confirming my Abilities with Bootstrap[…]


Confirming My Abilities in HTML and CSS

I just spent the last couple days working my way through the videos of Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp. I considered it a review but didn’t want to skip it because sometimes teachers have different methods of achieving effects and styling, and I wanted to make sure that I was with him when he got Read more about Confirming My Abilities in HTML and CSS[…]