Going Deeper with Web Development?

What is the next step in learning for me (if there is a next step) now that I have just completed the HUGE Web Development course in Udemy, which was a 3-month long endeavor that I really enjoyed? I originally started this studying coding because I wanted to get better at fixing my WordPress code Read more about Going Deeper with Web Development?[…]

Review: The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

I am giving Rob Percival’s Web Development 2.0 course on Udemy 5 stars, if only for the huge amount of content in this course. There is a ton of information (and a lot of good bonuses) with this course that will provide students that are new to Web Development with a good foundation on the topic. Read more about Review: The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0[…]


Finished the Web Development 2.0 Course in Udemy!

Finished Web Development 2.0 Course by Rob Percival on Udemy! Woot! In case you are wondering, this page explains what I learned in the Udemy Web Development 2.0 Course. Here are some of the topics that were covered… HTML CSS Javascript jQuery CMSs and WordPress Responsive Design PHP Coding MySQL Databases APIs Python And here is Read more about Finished the Web Development 2.0 Course in Udemy![…]

Email Marketing: Switching Services and Learning APIs

Taking the time to learn Web Development over the last couple months has been a boon to other areas of my Internet life. One of those areas is my email service. I have been with GetResponse.com for the last several months, which was a new step for me because I just started using autoresponders on one Read more about Email Marketing: Switching Services and Learning APIs[…]

Weather using API (screenshot)

Weather Forecast API Page

I stepped into the section on APIs in the current Web Development course I am taking on Udemy with little too much confidence. My only experience with APIs before this week was using keys (such as Twitter API keys) in order to connect once service with another (such as to WordPress). Total cake, right? I Read more about Weather Forecast API Page[…]

secret diary exercise MySQL php bootstrap

Exercise: Secret Diary (php, mySQL) and Language Fatigue

I am overwhelmed by the number of languages, libraries, etc I have packed into my brain recently. CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, php, MySQL… A little over 3 months. It’s all getting a bit jumbled in my head when I am away from the computer. But when I sit in front of it, I can make the Read more about Exercise: Secret Diary (php, mySQL) and Language Fatigue[…]

Should I learn jQuery?

A few days ago I received an email from Viking Code School with an article pondering whether  jQuery is still relevant. A month ago, when I was enthusiastically diving into jQuery, I was very excited at the prospect of animating shapes and other features within my page. But I get it. It’s been around a while. Read more about Should I learn jQuery?[…]

New Territory: Creating an Apache Server

Whenever I work with the command line, it makes me feel like I just walked out an abandoned arcade in Coney Island on Mr. Robot (which I just started watching and has really drawn me in), even though I have only been deliberately learning Web Development (aside from HTML) for a few months now (as opposed Read more about New Territory: Creating an Apache Server[…]

Contact Form Exercise in php (more insights)

At the start of this Web Development course that I am taking on Udemy, I felt that if I was not able to do the stand-alone exercises within each section on my own, I was not learning the material properly. Following up with the completion of this Contact Form exercise (using php), I am noticing Read more about Contact Form Exercise in php (more insights)[…]