Bootstrap and WordPress: Back in Familiar Territory

I didn’t bother posting too much about the several days I focused on learning the Bootstrap framework because I actually had great ease with it.

I have to add that after trudging through JavaScript to make circles disappear and reappear, there is great joy from watching a minor change in code create beautiful and sweeping changes through my sight.

I understand it is necessary to understand the code behind the sweeping changes in able to truly transform the framework into the specific look and feel I desire.

I just like the speed with which I can make the changes and the instant feedback I get.

Here is my Bootstrap page. This is the first web creation exercise in the Udemy course I am taking in which I was able to do the exercise without looking at the walkthrough. WOOT!


app landing page made with Bootstrap Framework

I also zipped through the WordPress section of the course today.

I have not yet done the challenge to build a WordPress blog site because I feel that I have thorough understanding of WordPress. I have been building and customizing blogs with free themes for 10 years.

I would like to wait until I learn how to create a theme (perhaps in Bootstrap) so that I can propagate the self-created theme throughout a WordPress site.

After that, I also intend to get the recommended X Theme because that seems a lot easier to customize than any of the themes I have used in the past. It also seems to have plugins that are similar to SumoMe, which I considered purchasing this summer for one of my websites.

I really do not like subscriptions, though, so using the jQuery I have learned in addition to the

will completely release my need for SumoMe.