Day 1: Code Player Challenge (JavaScript / jQuery)

I finished day 1 of the Code Player challenge (html, css, JavaScript, jQuery) on my own and without peaking at the source code.

And I not only managed to get my stuff in a Git repository (yay), but I also managed to do some of the jQuery and Javascript on my own (yay).

And I burn through the HTML and CSS right now, so that’s good. I only slow down when I have formatting trouble, and it seems like the same things always get me (like my divs wrapping to the next line), so I am going to do a review soon so that I can troubleshoot my weak spots the next time it happens.

Other than that, I am pretty happy with how today went and I learned a lot.

I am looking forward to working with the walkthrough tomorrow.

Feel free to check out my repository for CodePlayer.

(The files I refer to in this post are the ones that were started on 9/26/16)