Need a Website?

I can build one for you.

Right now I am choosing to have this "catch-all" page where I place all of the links to all of the projects I have already built, and will will add more links as I build new projects in the future.

This allows me to see my own progress.

While I am reluctant to call it a "portfolio" at this point, I also enjoy sharing my creations with others.

I decided that I did NOT want to take too much time right now to create a fancy portfolio because in a month or so I will be able to make this site so much better.

I am progressing quickly. I would just end up remaking the site in a month, anyway.

Additionally, I do not put everything on GitHub and am just getting started there, but if you would like to follow me there, you can use this link.

Feel free to contact me using the form on this page.

FYI, I reside in Southern Vermont, and am in the New York area a lot to visit family. I am a native-born New Yorker that has spent a marjority of her adult life on the West Coast. I also spent some time in Chicago.

I prefer to work remotely, but am open to other possibilities.


Most recent projects are at the top.

Some of the links below do not work right now because I have done a major overhaul to my main site, including the post urls.
This portfolio will be updated soon to match the other pages on the site (as promised above).
Thank you for your patience.

App Landing Page (Bootstrap Framework)

Webpage built as an App. landing page in the Bootstrap framework. Image credit: Read more here.

Code Player (HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery)

A website similar to Read more here and here.

Fancy jQuery-UI (HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery)

Another training page with jQuery that displays commands that improve the look and feel of a website. Draggables, Droppables, Resizing, Accordions, Sorting and other interactive web applications.Read more here.

Validation Form (HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery)

An email and password validation form jQuery. Read more here.

AJAX - Meditation Page (Javascript / jQuery / AJAX)

This was another training page. There is minimal to no CSS formatting on this page, but I added a relevant picture and used AJAX to pull in some content about meditation. Read more here.

jQuery Animation (HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery)

This isn't really a website that would belong in a traditional portfolio. It's more of the result of a number of jQuery commands. I'm posting because it is interesting to me and really expanded the possibilities of what can be done on a webpage. Read more here.

The Reaction Time Game (HTML / CSS / Javascript)

I watched the walkthrough for this project in Rob Percival's Udemy Web Development 2.0 course. I understand everything in the code but as of its creation I am still learning the workflow. Read more here.

BBC Technology Webpage (HTML / CSS)

I created some of this page on my own but I also had a bit of help from Rob Percival through his Udemy Web Development 2.0 course. Read more here (Part 1), here (Part 2), here (Part 3), and here (Part 4).

Rock Scissors Paper Game (Javascript)

As of this writing, I do not know how to plug in the Javascript to a webpage, but you can take a look at my coding with the link listed above. Read more here.

The Google Homepage (HTML/CSS)

I rebuild the Google Homepage. No tutorial. A lot of tinkering. Read more here (Day 1) and here (day 2 and 3).

The Android Logo (HTML/CSS)

The walkthrough really helped me to see the possibilities of creating images (and even a bit of interactive animation) with HTML and CSS. Read more here.

Old Acting Website (HTML)

I consider this my baseline knowledge of html. I created this website over 10 years ago with basic html and simple formatting. This domain was converted to Wordpress and so the only view I have of it is through Wayback Machine. Read more here.