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Woman’s Best Friend: End Credits

These are the end credits to “Woman’s Best Friend” the short animated film (approximately 15 minutes) I completed this year.

“Woman’s Best Friend” was originally written as a live-action movie and a love story, but things changed at the last minute and I cut the script down from 24 pages to 15 pages.

I am especially proud of this project because I only had a month to learn the program Anime Studio Pro and complete the project, including post-production.

I was taking an After Effects class at the time and the dude teaching the class was like, “No way you’re gonna get that done. Aim for less than 5 minutes, kid. You’ll have a better chance…”

“Thanks for the support, Teach!”

I got it done, and it may not be Pixar, but I think it’s good and I’m very proud of it (and I’m more into South Park than Pixar anyway.)

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