digital visual effects (VFX)

Star Farmers: A Pipeline Project

I worked on this project last semester as part of my Pipeline class. (Yeah, I took it first semester, which is really weird).

So this was a collaboration among the 6 VFX students that were in class this summer.

Considering three of us (half the class) had our first exposure to Maya during this class, we did a really great job.

We started with storyboards, which Wyatt Mitchell turned into an animatic in After Effects.

Meanwhile, the students that had started in January were creating textures, environments, props and fixing up a Morpheus rig to be appropriate for the characters we needed.

Because we shifted the story a bit to make this more like a children’s play, I was able to work on 2D art in Illustrator and Photoshop that would be made into textures for the the set of the children’s play.

Later in the class I animated some of the clips in Maya.

Here’s one clip…

And here is another… (It’s difficult to see, but I animated the characters on stage as well as the Baby Earth character.)

And finally, we ended up with our “final project” which is still a work in progress…


3D: Dakota DeMarco, Devin Wambolt, Katie Adelesen, James Gajoch, Leslie Lello, Wyatt Mitchell

Sound design: Ferdinand Gonzales

Music: Daniel Marvan