Web Development

Should I learn jQuery?

A few days ago I received an email from Viking Code School with an article pondering whether  jQuery is still relevant.

A month ago, when I was enthusiastically diving into jQuery, I was very excited at the prospect of animating shapes and other features within my page.

But I get it. It’s been around a while.

Some of the experts in the article mentioned that hiring someone without jQuery knowledge is not the deal-breaker that it used to be, but is obviously still relevant (at least at the moment I am writing this) because so much of the web still runs on jQuery.

After reading this article, I reflecting on my own learning experience these last few months.

I don’t mind that I am possibly learning something that is “quickly fizzling out”. Even if newer libraries are coming into popularity I am still learning where we just came from. I definitely still see the practical use, but even if that wasn’t there, it’s like learning history.

Plus, I have nothing to compare it to yet, so I can’t say whether Angular or React would be be more streamlined or whatever.

If all use of jQuery were to end tomorrow, there would still be value in knowing what was popular before the new libraries started to emerge.

If anything, this article has made me want to dive more deeply into JavaScript, because it seems like from there I would be able to leap in a number of different directions.