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Looking Back on 2016: Coding & Time Management

In my last post, I wrote, “But I am still up most mornings finishing 2-3 hours of coursework before my official day begins.”

I am posting on the last day of 2016 that I am celebrating that I have been dedicating these 2-3 hours every morning to learning coding since August.

I have only missed 12 days since August 16th.

The minimum number of hours of studying each day was always 2, but some days I completed several more hours and that doesn’t count side projects or a lot of work I would do later in the day.

But at that bare minimum, that means I have done 2 hours of studying each day for 123 days in 2016.

That means that I studied at least 246 hours since August, but it is probably closer to 500 hours of study & practice.

Just this week I have studied/practiced 30 hours, and that feels closer to what I have been doing since August, so after 20 weeks working 30 hours per week, that gives me 600 hours.

My point is…
I am usually a sprinter when it comes to learning, but I am happy because I have been doing a little bit each day to build my knowledge and experience in the field of coding and programming.

And aside from giving up a bit of sleep in the morning, I have been able to continue the activities I was doing before I started studying coding.

And I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

I look forward to continuing in 2017!