Web Development

Back to the Backend: Node.js, MongoDB & Express

I have completed the JavaScript section of Colt Steel’s Web Development Bootcamp which was an awesome review and also added clarification to concepts that I was not getting the first time I dove into JavaScript a few months ago.

Now it is on to the backend development portion of the class. So far so good. I am looking forward to learning Node.js because I don’t think I care for PHP right now. This is too bad because I love working with WordPress, but I was not thrilled with they syntax of PHP. Maybe it was the presentation of the last course or the fact that I was having trouble getting pages written in PHP to update in my browsers (both Chrome and Firefox had issues with this, despite using FireFTP).

I am thoroughly enjoying using Cloud 9. Everything refreshes so beautifully.

And so far, using Node.js is making a lot more sense to me because Colt is walking us through the WHYs of all the code we are writing, and also because it is in JavaScript, the syntax is not completely foreign to me.