Web Development

My First Coding Interview – Got to Stage 3 in the Process!

When I sent in an application for a WordPress Developer posting for a company called Cafe Media, I did it because I love their content, (especially on their website Revelist), but I didn’t expect to get too far into the interview process because I am still at the beginning of my journey into PHP.

I applied because I have been using WordPress for 10 years and felt that I co9uld be successful in the position because the job description asked for someone that was good with working with customers and had strong writing skills. I felt I would be able to help with that because, while I am not an expert in PHP yet, I have a deeper understanding of WordPress than a lot of WordPress users and I have been a paid writer in the past.

I am a fast learner so I felt that I could pick up the PHP in a matter of weeks on my own, and I did have a starter background in it already- I had just finished a huge section on PHP in Udemy and can read it but not code in PHP on my own yet.

Well, I didn’t get the job and that’s ok. I was told I need to learn more coding and might be true.

But I am excited because I got to the third step in the interview process and even passed some tests in step 2, which was a delightful surprise and inspires me to keep going in this morning study habit I have created!