Web Development

The Making of a Portfolio

I am in a weird state right now.

I have several projects to display that I have been working on over the last several months, either with a course or on my own, and I want to make a portfolio.

I want to make it in WordPress because I am familiar with WordPress.

I want to redo this site. I want to make it from scratch. And I want a blog.

The thing is that despite my knowing Bootstrap quite well, I am in need of converting it to WordPress, which I do NOT know how to do yet.

I have done a few searches and there are some playlists in YouTube. I tried one. It crashed and burned.

The reason this is weird is because I would much rather focus my energy on continuing to get deeper with Javascript, not going back into PHP (which I did not enjoy as much) and have to learn how to use PHP within WordPress, which seems rather specialized, even though it is widely used.

I see the usefulness in learning this, though. There are probably a lot of people out there like me who want to convert a Bootstrap or HTML website to WordPress.

I am exploring some courses in Udemy and hoping I can learn this fast and then get back to learning JavaScript.

But I am also tempted to just customize a template that has already been created. I just don’t want it look like I am trying to mislead people by using a WordPress template I did not make from scratch.

But I don’t think most developers/designers built their WordPress themes from scratch anymore. I think most of the work that gets done professionally is customizing a flexible theme.

But I would like to see if I can do the conversion from Bootstrap to WordPress myself. If it takes too long I will abandon that route and head back to JavaScript. I think the learning I receive from the next JavaScript course I have selected is going to allow me to really start building some cool stuff after I finish.

But right now I am still working with MEN stack (Mongoose, Express, Node… No Angular) and am enjoying the process. It is a perfect balance of progress and challenge.