Web Development

YelpCamp (created in Node.js) complete!

I am not sure if it is Colt Steele’s awesome instruction or the fact that I just find JavaScript and the node.js stack much easier to grasp than PHP, but I must say that it was a pleasure building YelpCamp and I can see the use in going through and creating databases for a whole bunch of databases with Node of things that I love just for the fun and learning of it!

I also want to add that it was a pleasure working in Cloud 9 to build the Node.js database. There were no updating or caching issues like I have in PHP, so the work went smoothly, and if something was NOT working, I knew it was my coding, not a quirk in my system that makes me unable to refresh the page.

Anyhoo, here is my version of YelpCamp. It was created as a code-along for the Udemy course I just completed, but it gave me a thorough overview of using MEN stack (MongoDB, Express, and Node) and reinforced my previous learning of connecting with databases.


(UPDATE: The above link will not work because the app got hacked and I have to go in and fix it, so I broke the link for now.)

(I am also stoked that I have a better grasp of how to deploy with Heroku!)

FYI – The database is being hosted by mongolab.com