Web Development

Time to Leave my Cave and Start Meeting People

Most of my life my socializing has been centered around the entertainment industry. This was especially true when I lived in Los Angeles.

These days I have enjoyed being in a quieter space, but perhaps committing to learning on the computer every day has made me too comfortable with sitting in front of a screen.

Several years ago I ran into a friend from high school. He and I planned to hang out but he said he did not return text messages because he still had a flip-phone and hated to text with it.

I was surprised to discover how weird I felt to dial a phone number to actually TALK TO SOMEONE on a phone.

How novel!

My point is that socializing is a skill like any other and I am good at schmoozing but I wonder if I could lose my touch if I stayed away from people too much.

And lately, I have been craving some socializing!

I feel if I spent too much time at the computer, I may be at risk of becoming more reluctant to socialize, which is unusual for me.

And there are so many great coding groups and resources around me! I think I would be missing out if I didn’t at least check it out.

I have found several interesting meetups on Meetup.com that are centered around coding and technology: JavaScript, WordPress, Web Development, The Internet Of Things, Hackathons…

My hesitation is that I do not know if I am a strong enough coder to really connect with people who have been doing this a long time, but I am drawn to groups because I feel it would make the process so much more fun and I could learn so much from people who have gone before me.

Frankly, I have been hungering for more social interactions. It is challenging because I have a good structure to my morning and socializing at night might throw that off, but I think it is worth it and I can keep a balance if I pace myself.

And, of course, I intend to reconnect with my entertainment industry roots as well. I have grown fond of left-brain people, but I miss hanging out with creative folks!

I just need balance my time in front of the computer with time with human beings.   🙂