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WordPress Theme From HTML

Since completing YelpCamp, I decided to start another Udemy course that taught me how to create a site in Bootstrap (which I already knew how to do) and then walked me through how to convert it to WordPress.

The course used the same Bootstrap layout for all students and I did not personalize it because I wanted to get a sense of the conversion process. I can get fancy later.

This means that I was back to working with PHP which has been really frustrating because it has not been updating properly in any of my browsers.

This has been causing me a problem the last couple of days, but I have learned what I need to do to work with so it is no longer a problem (I will write about that in my next post).  My teacher, Chris Dixon, was especially helpful with this and helped me solve a problem I had been having for months.

The lack of refreshing was the reason I was against learning PHP, and now that that is solved, I am glad I did this course because I have a much better understanding of how a WordPress site is built from the ground up.

Additionally, I am starting to see the similarities between building YelpCamp in Node.js and building a WordPress theme with PHP.

For example, this is the third course that has taught how to use partials. I found this concept very confusing at the beginning, but I am starting to get a handle on it and I love how it tidies up my code!

But the most valuable section of the course so far has been learning about a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields.

Years ago I started using themes that I could customize in a similar way to this plugin. It partitioned the page into deliberate sections and I liked that flexibility but I always found them quite tricky to use with any sense of finesse.

Chris Dixon’s videos on Advanced Custom Fields gave me a clear sense regarding how to use them and made it clear to me that I can simply use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to any themes that I create manually.

That being said, these two weeks felt like I had strayed a bit from my intended course of JavaScript learning.

I am still super jazzed to continue to go deeper with JavaScript and this felt a bit like a side-project and it took a bit more time than I expected.

At the same time, completing Chris Dixon’s WordPress to Bootstrap course on Udemy was so good that it also made me want to go deeper into PHP and really get deep with WordPress.

Tranquil Spa WordPress Theme in GitHub (the one I created using the Udemy Course)

tranquil-wp wordpress theme landing page screenshot


And let’s not forget…