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Watch And Code for More JavaScript

In the Slack group for the YelpCamp class I took (the best one by far so far, which was primarily Express, MongoDB and Node.js), a fellow classmate was talking about how impressed he was with the course he was taking at WatchandCode.com to really get to the fundamentals of JavaScript.

Since I am still very much interested in doing a deep dive with JavaScript, I gave the beginner course on WatchandCode.com a shot this week.

I thought it was a thorough course on JavaScript and the instruction on the Debugger in the Chrome console was outstanding! Truly. I am shocked that the multitude of courses that have taken by now never discussed the Chrome Inspector have NEVER mentioned the debugger tool. Outrageous.

So it is worth taking this course just to learn that.

However, I found Colt Steele’s explanations of JavaScript concepts to be a bit clearer and easier for my style of learning. His lessons stuck with me longer.

I may, however, be the odd duck. Students rave about WatchandCode.com so it is well worth a look if you are seeking clear, beginner (and paid intermediate/expert) instruction on JavaScript.

For now, I am shelving that class, but I may head back to it after I have checked out a few other learning sources.