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Certificate and Review: Chris Dixon’s WordPress Theme Academy with Bootstrap

I thought I had reviewed Chris Dixon’s WordPress Theme Academy but I think I just mentioned it in another post.

I actually finished this course a while ago and selected it after being left undecided about what to study next after abandoning (or putting on hold) WatchAndCode.com.


The Review

To get a sense of where I started with this course…

I had tried to work through a couple of free Bootstrap-to-WordPress and HTML-to-WordPress tutorials on YouTube, and got stuck with all of them early on. I didn’t want anything that went too deep with the PHP because the main purpose was to turn a self-created Bootstrap-built website into one that works with WordPress because I want the option of having a blog on the Bootstrap website.

I had also started to take another WordPress course on Udemy that was both too complicated (because the guy jumped around too much) and too simple (because he wasn’t using any PHP). I found Chris Dixon’s explanation of all of the WordPress set up to be thorough enough to understand but not so deep that it overwhelmed the point of the course.

I believe he teaches a much more in-depth look at PHP than this course on Udemy, but I wanted to test the waters with him first after getting burned by that last Udemy WordPress course.

He had a methodical way of working through all of the WordPress partials and includes, and connects his content to the WordPress codex, in case I would like to read more about a topic or want to see parts of the codex that he is skipping over (which is not much – his content is quite thorough).

I completed this course feeling that I understood WordPress better and that if I looked at the way he broke down a site and all of its features to convert from HTML/Bootstrap to WordPress as I worked with a different Bootstrap site, I would be able to handle most of the conversion this way.

He also answers questions well and in a timely manner.

There is a good possibility I will take his more advanced PHP/WordPress course on Udemy in the future.