Web Development

On the Fence: Choosing Between PHP / WordPress and JavaScript


Now that I have completed a few courses focusing on JavaScript and one focusing on WordPress / PHP, I feel that there is a fork in the road in terms of where I should put most of my energy.

I have gotten well beyond the phase of learning code just to have a peek into that world.

I have peeked and I like it. I want to stay.

I am so glad that I have gotten an overview of a number of paths to take within the world of web development.

From where I stand now, it looks like the choice is to focus my learning on JavaScript (and all that that includes, like MEAN stack and other frameworks that use JavaScript) and WordPress Development (and all THAT includes, like PHP and more of a UX/Design emphasis).

JavaScript vs. PHP/WordPress

I like coding in JavaScript, but I feel a need in my own website needs to learn the ins and outs of WordPress & PHP, and that it is a faster path to being able to create cool things that not only can go in a nice portfolio, but that also will display skills that will help others who have strong needs for someone with these skills.

Yes, I can make a Reaction Time Game with Javascript and a Validation Form, but so can most people who know basic JavaScript. I feel that my nuance with WordPress is already at an intermediate level because I have gathered bits and pieces in my experience over the many, many years I have been using WordPress as a blogger, and using cpanel, PHPMyAdmin and MySQLDatabases.

Now I feel like all I need is just to bring all of the bits and pieces together.

I do, however, enjoy coding in JavaScript a little bit more.

But I enjoy the final product I create with WordPress.

Looking Forward

Here are some courses I looking at doing next, depending on what I decide to focus on.

JavaScript /Node:

Watch And Code Premium Membership (which is the continuation of the basic Practical Javascript course on WatchAndCode.com that I wrote about a few weeks ago)

Viking Code School – Preliminary Work

JavaScript 30: Build 30 JavaScript Projects in 30 days

Wash and repeat the materials from Colt Steele’s YelpCamp course with my own project(s)

PHP / WordPress:

Learn to build WordPress sites with _underscore and other templates. I already have a few courses in mind.

SkillCrush WordPress Blueprint (this is a lot more than I want to spend, but I feel this course would fill a lot of holes in my knowledge base)

Learn WooCommerce (useful to me and others). I need to find a good course to learn this.

Wash and repeat studying the materials from Chris Dixon’s Course (WordPress Theme Academy) by turning my own Bootstrap sites into WordPress sites