Web Development

8 Reasons why I Chose Skillcrush WordPress Blueprint

Last week I wrote that I was debating between focusing my studies on JavaScript vs. WordPress and PHP.

I have chosen to do the Skillcrush WordPress Blueprint and my next course.

Here are my reasons:

  1. I am very familiar with WordPress, cPanel, SQL, the Dashboard and all things related to WordPress, from using as a blogger for over a decade and tweeking the designs with pre-made themes. Chris Dixon’s course on Udemy got me started on converting HTML/Bootstrap sites into WordPress themes, and I am now working to understand how the workflow of creating and editing/converting sites for clients.  I feel that Skillcrush will do a good job at teaching this because they are very oriented toward helping their clients (me) achieve real work as a developer.
  2. All of the jobs I have applied for thus far (since August 2016), have been for WordPress/PHP work or for website content creation (which I feel is often expressed on WordPress sites).
  3. I like how career-oriented Skillcrush is. After being a photographer, videographer and director/producer for so many years, I really need help in repackaging/rebranding myself, or showing that web development is part of my skillset at a content creator. Skillcrush seems really good at doing this.
  4. I love that Skillcrush is oriented toward women. I have gotten very used to NOT having that, but it is nice that my teachers and a majority of my classmates are women. It feels completely different than other online learning environments. They are outrageously knowledgeable at programming/coding AND they keep the atmosphere lighthearted. That lighthearted part is the one that is hard to find (though I did find that Colt Steele also kept his course challenging but festive, which made it a pleasure).
  5. I am open to working onsite but would love to work remotely. While I feel that there are many tech jobs that offer this option, I have seen them the most with WordPress.
  6. I enjoy it. There is something very fulfilling about being able to set up a WordPress site from scratch. There are so many pieces that that puzzle requires (design, UX, HTML, CSS, understanding partials, php, JavaScript, etc) that understanding how that all fits together within WordPress and watching it all come together is very exciting to me.
  7. I can always go deeper later with all of the moving parts mentioned above. Doing WordPress now is a practical step toward being able to build high-functioning things quickly and then I can go deeper with JavaScript and other subjects that enhance my WordPress capabilities.
  8. I can rehab my own WordPress sites and get clear on all the parts where I typically get stuck. Right now I have 4 sites that I want to overhaul and I feel I will be able to do that much better after I finish this 3-month blueprint. If I get nothing else out of the course, that will be enough.