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Amazon UX Teardown (Part 2): Video Presentation

video of Amazon UX Teardown

In my last post I offered my Amazon UX Teardown that I did in Viking Code School’s prep work for their main course material.

After reading some other teardowns on the web, I decided to make a video presentation which I think makes the whole thing clearer to UX individuals and those who know nothing about UX but would like to know what it is all about.

I am trying to use video more because:

(1) it humanizes me, especially when I am in the corner of the screen. I am more than a bunch of text and images on a page!!! 🙂
(2) it is sometimes a clearer explanation of concepts. I have gotten much better at reading and understanding documentation, but in the beginning my eyes used to glaze over in 5 minutes and I would move to YouTube to find the video version of the documentation I was reading.
(3) it’s fun!

Aye, me matey! Please excuse my pirate t-shirt!
It was a casual day and I was not expecting to record video… ARG!