Park Avenue in New York
Park Avenue in New York

I spent the first part of my adult life in the entertainment industry and broadcasting, mostly working crew as a director and producer, as well as doing stage crew (stage managing and technical directing) for live news broadcasting.  I also do professional photography.

I never anticipated wanting to be a professional programmer, but after doing it every day for over a year, I got into a production situation in which I did not have the time to code and I found that I missed it.

I like to build stuff and I like to do it in programming languages. I like how different it is to use my logical mind more dominantly than my creative mind (though both play a part in both filmmaking and programming).

I like efficiency and minimalism and I feel that building apps can help one live a life with greater efficiency and less "noise" if used properly.

I especially like using JavaScript because of its flexibility and I found that after I learned the basics of programming, I picked it up faster than other languages, especially because I was able to reinforce my understanding of the JavaScript syntax when I did a pretty cool Node.js project.

When I am not on long term production gigs (which I still love), I code on a daily basis with my dog at my side.

I also spend my time with friends, traveling, skiing, at spas, in nature, cooking, learning about natural and alternative health, meditating or doing yoga, making my own movies and doing photography.