LeslieLelloInNYC_01circleDo you feel like you have redone your site a million times but it still doesn't feel right?

It is as if you know the "vibe" you want on your site but you just can't get it to look that way or have that feeling.

I know that feeling because have felt it, too. In the past, as someone with a lot of interests and a lot of professional talents ranging from movie directing to massage therapy, I found it difficult to have a good strategy for web presentation.

There were two things going on here. One was that I didn't want the visitors looking for a massage therapist getting confused by my stuff about directing movies, and vice versa. Additionally, within some overarching industries (like entertainment or alternative healing) there were several mini-niches that I could present myself within, but the whole thing seemed too overwhelming to grasp and I was standing too close to my self to be able to see myself clearly.

Eventually, though, I was able to get clarity in my professional diversity and get clear with my online presentation through smart and strategic web development.

I feel that this challenge has made me especially good at drilling down the important aspects of a client needs in terms of web development so that it translates well online.

In terms of my personal style, I am an organized person who with a quirky sense of humor. You would find out soon enough if we worked together, so I might as well just say it now.  🙂

I code on a daily basis with my dog at my side, keeping me company. He is awesome and I love him.

I also love my friends, travel, skiing, spas, nature, cooking, natural and alternative health, meditation/yoga, making movies and doing photography.