Big JavaScript Review

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I haven’t posted much of my work lately because I am in the section of Colt’s course that covers JavaScript. Since this is a review for me (though Colt goes deeper with explanations than in previous courses) and most of the files I have created are exercise files (rather than a full website or web […]

Confirming my Abilities with Bootstrap

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Last week I wrote about how the exercises in the new Full-Stack Udemy course I am taking confirmed my new capacities with HTML and CSS, and now I am receiving more confirmation with building a few new things in Bootstrap. Here are some of my creations, based on Colt Steele’s tutorials from his Udemy Course. […]

Confirming My Abilities in HTML and CSS

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I just spent the last couple days working my way through the videos of Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp. I considered it a review but didn’t want to skip it because sometimes teachers have different methods of achieving effects and styling, and I wanted to make sure that I was with him when he got […]

Going Deeper with Web Development?

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What is the next step in learning for me (if there is a next step) now that I have just completed the HUGE Web Development course in Udemy, which was a 3-month long endeavor that I really enjoyed? I originally started this studying coding because I wanted to get better at fixing my WordPress code […]

Weather Forecast API Page

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I stepped into the section on APIs in the current Web Development course I am taking on Udemy with little too much confidence. My only experience with APIs before this week was using keys (such as Twitter API keys) in order to connect once service with another (such as to WordPress). Total cake, right? I […]