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Landing Page in Bootstrap for Spirituality Site

Bootstrap responsive Landing Page

This is a landing page I created from scratch… Just a blank text file.

Of course, instead of only using HTML and CSS for the design, I also included Bootstrap, so that I could make it responsive, which is helpful on smaller screens.

As opposed to the other landing page I made for this spiritual email list, which was created within Get Response, I created this page on my own and pulled the code from Get Response.

This is financially beneficial to the client because within the Get Response structure there is a monthly fee for extra landing pages. You only get one landing page if your list is less than 500 people.

You could bump up to Get Response’s unlimited landing pages plan which will add another $15/month to your bill, or you could get a custom landing page made just for your site that matches your branding and WITHOUT THE MONTHLY FEE.

Contact me if this sounds like a good solution for your website’s needs.