WordPress Website Editing for CleanLivingMatters.com

I met Maria Nadel in Whole Foods when she saw me working on formatting a Mail Chimp newsletter. She asked if I could help her with her website and with email marketing for her website Clean Living Matters. She had already gone through two web developers, the last leaving her website improperly formatted images, dead […]


WordPress Website for Veterans Group

This was a gifting to my uncle. He has had a website for his war veterans’ group for over a decade built in HTML. Aside from Angelfire restricting the capacity to modernize, it was built in a rather haphazard way that made it challenging to find things and discover updates and news. Creating galleries were […]


Landing Page for Pet Service

Research done regarding landing pages has show that the ones that are the most simple are the best at converting.

New Jersey 350

The award winning “New Jersey 350” is a short documentary that was Directed, Produced and Edited by Leslie Lello. Watch Movie. Learn More about the documentary “NJ 350”.    

Travel Better Podcasts

  TravelBetterPodcasts.com started as a weekly iTunes podcasting show that shared travel tips. ┬áSeason 2 of TBP is being produced, but in the meantime there are text, photo and video travel posts to check out that have their own tips and travel ideas.