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This site was created purely with CSS and HTML and is a static site in a full-stack web development node.js course I took with Colt Steele.

While blogs are important to SEO, it is also something that must be maintained on a regular basis and is time and energy consuming.

This site was created without a blog (outside WordPress) and while I highly recommend creating a site from the start that has a blog option (even if you don’t use it right now) in some instances you might already KNOW that you will not be needing a blog (or have time to “feed the monster” by constantly updating it with new material) so then you can create a site like this.

Sites without blogs or php loops are considered “static” because the content does not readjust its position automatically as additional information is added (like a blog post), and are non-responsive when the size of your screen changes.

In 2016, worldwide mobile Internet traffic equaled desktop/laptop Internet traffic, which is why I cannot recommend a static non-responsive website.

But I wanted to post this page in my portfolio because I think it is a beautiful and simple design that could also have been made responsively and also converted into a WordPress site with a blog.