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WordPress Website for Veterans Group


This was a gifting to my uncle.

He has had a website for his war veterans’ group for over a decade built in HTML.

Old 47th armament & electric website HTML

Aside from Angelfire restricting the capacity to modernize, it was built in a rather haphazard way that made it challenging to find things and discover updates and news.

Creating galleries were cumbersome and images were small which made it difficult to identify people.

Also, my uncle complained that it was not working in some versions in Internet Explorer.

I could have fixed that with a few code snippets, but given the other issues with the site, I decided to redo everything.

Seniors don’t seem to mind out-of-style presentation, but I don’t think anyone likes having to slowly hunt-and-peck for where news and updates are.

On this website, updates are usually about reunions, so I made that easy to find.

Images from past reunions would be a good idea to have up front, as well.

I did my best to categorize the random pages on the original site so that I could  create a navigation bar with logical drop downs.

Other than that, I kept everything the same. And since this was a gift (and sort of a surprise) I also used the images from the old site, which made the hero image render in a very low-resolution way, but I think still looks kinda cool. I told my uncle I would help him update the images to a higher resolution but he hasn’t contacted me. He is really busy, which is why he didn’t want to bother updating the site in the first place.

The point is that the creation of a site was intended to be a gathering place for this group and a way to exchange information (in a clear and easy-to-find manner) and continue meeting, which is what the update did.