Javascript: The Reaction Time Game

I just finished building a game in Javascript with the Udemy course I am following.

I am not thrilled with the fact that I was not able to complete this task on my own.

Again, the challenge for me is to break down the major task into little tasks.

I have started to write sentences that describe what needs to happen step by step and this sometimes help me with the code.

What I want to have happen is [a (random pop ups) and (when clicked) (gives the time it took me to click.)]

random: color, size, square/circle, location
pop up every 4 seconds

timer for reaction

Vars for: popUp, reactionTime,

so the function is [a (random pop ups) and (when clicked) (gives the time it took me to click.)]

I also found in creating The Reaction Game that I spend my time starting on the details that come at the end of the process (random shape color, size, position) rather than simply starting with the shape.



Rob’s walkthrough helped a lot and I think I just need a lot more practice.

I am going to try to move on into the Udemy Jquery section. If I need to backtrack into Javascript again, I am going to go to try out Code School’s Javascript courses because I heard from someone in my study group that they are really good.

The Reaction Game link I am providing is the code that I typed out following Rob Percival in his Web Development 2.0 course.

Yes, I understand it.
No, I did not figure it out on my own.
Hopefully soon I will be able to do so.