Small Tweaks with jQuery’s UI = Fancy

Years ago, I learned Dreamweaver while studying graphic design in college.

I didn’t really care for Dreamweaver, but there were some nifty tools in the program that could really improve the look and feel of a layout.

As I was working with accordions on my practice jQuery UI page, I was reminded of the satisfaction I got when adding menu bars with Spry in Dreamweaver.

I always felt that adding details like accordions made the difference between my sites looking ho-hum and my site looking polished and professional, regardless of how well the design around these little Spry scripts were implemented.

Today, I had fun working with jQuery UI.

It was nice to observe some simple script having strong changes on the look of the page. And I understood what I was coding.

My ease with understanding this new material has more to do with the smart folks that created jQuery UI and my teacher’s ability to convey its simplicity than my own ability at this point, but I am optimistic because I was able to read the code offered on jQuery UI’s website and understand how each piece added to what was happening on the page.

I was even able to take a guess at a few of the interactions and started to experiment with layering different interactions or different qualities on a single interaction.