Animating an Alien in Autodesk – Maya 2012

Animating an alien! from Leslie Lello on Vimeo. I animated this alien in Maya. I am still going to put some flame FX in from the flame thrower, but I just wanted to show the animation stage for right now. I really enjoyed animating this creature, modeled by Matt Colrain. 10 limbs and 2 antenna Read more about Animating an Alien in Autodesk – Maya 2012[…]

Waltz with Bashir

In my effort to see a variety of animated material, I took out Waltz with Bashir from the library, which is the first documentary to be fully animated. It is about Israeli veterans of the First Lebanon War, their stories, and 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre. it was an extremely clever way to tell the Read more about Waltz with Bashir[…]

Woman’s Best Friend: End Credits

These are the end credits to “Woman’s Best Friend” the short animated film (approximately 15 minutes) I completed this year. “Woman’s Best Friend” was originally written as a live-action movie and a love story, but things changed at the last minute and I cut the script down from 24 pages to 15 pages. I am Read more about Woman’s Best Friend: End Credits[…]

Animation I: Three Bouncing Balls (Class Assignment)

Most animation students that go through formal training are given the assignment to animate one or several balls, and I am no different. I had actually done this before the class to practice using the basic tools in Maya. That is one of the tutorials provided when you open the program for the first time. Read more about Animation I: Three Bouncing Balls (Class Assignment)[…]