Certificate and Review: Chris Dixon’s WordPress Theme Academy with Bootstrap

I thought I had reviewed Chris Dixon’s WordPress Theme Academy but I think I just mentioned it in another post. I actually finished this course a while ago and selected it after being left undecided about what to study next after abandoning (or putting on hold) WatchAndCode.com.   The Review To get a sense of Read more about Certificate and Review: Chris Dixon’s WordPress Theme Academy with Bootstrap[…]

tranquil-wp wordpress theme landing page screenshot

WordPress Theme From HTML

Since completing YelpCamp, I decided to start another Udemy course that taught me how to create a site in Bootstrap (which I already knew how to do) and then walked me through how to convert it to WordPress. The course used the same Bootstrap layout for all students and I did not personalize it because Read more about WordPress Theme From HTML[…]


Confirming my Abilities with Bootstrap

Last week I wrote about how the exercises in the new Full-Stack Udemy course I am taking confirmed my new capacities with HTML and CSS, and now I am receiving more confirmation with building a few new things in Bootstrap. Here are some of my creations, based on Colt Steele’s tutorials from his Udemy Course. Read more about Confirming my Abilities with Bootstrap[…]


Insights to my Broken Contact Form

Typically when something doesn’t work in my page, I have come to realize that it is something that I have typed in incorrectly (or left out) in my┬ácode that is making the page not work properly. But today I am working on making a contact form using Bootstrap, PHP and jQuery. I tried to get Read more about Insights to my Broken Contact Form[…]


Bootstrap and WordPress: Back in Familiar Territory

I didn’t bother posting too much about the several days I focused on learning the Bootstrap framework because I actually had great ease with it. I have to add that after trudging through JavaScript to make circles disappear and reappear, there is great joy from watching a minor change in code create beautiful and sweeping Read more about Bootstrap and WordPress: Back in Familiar Territory[…]