Weather using API (screenshot)

Weather Forecast API Page

I stepped into the section on APIs in the current Web Development course I am taking on Udemy with little too much confidence. My only experience with APIs before this week was using keys (such as Twitter API keys) in order to connect once service with another (such as to WordPress). Total cake, right? I Read more about Weather Forecast API Page[…]

Should I learn jQuery?

A few days ago I received an email from Viking Code School with an article pondering whether  jQuery is still relevant. A month ago, when I was enthusiastically diving into jQuery, I was very excited at the prospect of animating shapes and other features within my page. But I get it. It’s been around a while. Read more about Should I learn jQuery?[…]


Insights to my Broken Contact Form

Typically when something doesn’t work in my page, I have come to realize that it is something that I have typed in incorrectly (or left out) in my code that is making the page not work properly. But today I am working on making a contact form using Bootstrap, PHP and jQuery. I tried to get Read more about Insights to my Broken Contact Form[…]


Day 2: Code Player Challenge (JavaScript / jQuery)

Today I did the walkthrough on how to create a CodePlayer (like I am proud that I got as far as I did without the walkthrough. Leading up to executing this exercise, I was a bit intimidated by the complexity, and it was true that we didn’t learn a lot of code required to Read more about Day 2: Code Player Challenge (JavaScript / jQuery)[…]

Day 1: Code Player Challenge (JavaScript / jQuery) I finished day 1 of the Code Player challenge (html, css, JavaScript, jQuery) on my own and without peaking at the source code. And I not only managed to get my stuff in a Git repository (yay), but I also managed to do some of the jQuery and Javascript on my own (yay). And Read more about Day 1: Code Player Challenge (JavaScript / jQuery)[…]


Validation Form in jQuery: Burning Hours for a Semicolon

Yesterday I did a walkthrough with Rob Percival’s Udemy web development course to make a validation form. This is what it is supposed to look like (Rob’s version). This is what mine looked like with the walkthrough. Pretty close, but compare the two after you have clicked the “Sign Up” button. I have been searching for Read more about Validation Form in jQuery: Burning Hours for a Semicolon[…]