Watch And Code for More JavaScript

In the Slack group for the YelpCamp class I took (the best one by far so far, which was primarily Express, MongoDB and Node.js), a fellow classmate was talking about how impressed he was with the course he was taking at to really get to the fundamentals of JavaScript. Since I am still very much Read more about Watch And Code for More JavaScript[…]

tranquil-wp wordpress theme landing page screenshot

WordPress Theme From HTML

Since completing YelpCamp, I decided to start another Udemy course that taught me how to create a site in Bootstrap (which I already knew how to do) and then walked me through how to convert it to WordPress. The course used the same Bootstrap layout for all students and I did not personalize it because Read more about WordPress Theme From HTML[…]


Certificate and Review: Colt Steele’s Web Development Bootcamp (Udemy)

I know that sometimes certificates don’t accurately represent proficiency in a subject, especially with something like web development, but I like posting them when I get them, especially when the course took several weeks to complete. Here is my latest certificate! This one is from Colt Steele’s Web Development Bootcamp (Udemy): My Review of Colt Read more about Certificate and Review: Colt Steele’s Web Development Bootcamp (Udemy)[…]

Contact Form Exercise in php (more insights)

At the start of this Web Development course that I am taking on Udemy, I felt that if I was not able to do the stand-alone exercises within each section on my own, I was not learning the material properly. Following up with the completion of this Contact Form exercise (using php), I am noticing Read more about Contact Form Exercise in php (more insights)[…]


Javascript: The Reaction Time Game

I just finished building a game in Javascript with the Udemy course I am following. I am not thrilled with the fact that I was not able to complete this task on my own. Again, the challenge for me is to break down the major task into little tasks. I have started to write sentences Read more about Javascript: The Reaction Time Game[…]

Javascript: Learning Loops and Functions

It’s not that I don’t understand loops and functions, the issue lies in that it is challenging to take a task that needs to be executed in Javascript and decide how to break down the big problem into little problem, which tool to use, and the order in which to execute all of this. I Read more about Javascript: Learning Loops and Functions[…]

A Different Javascript Learning Source, for a WHILE…

Yesterday I reached the Code Academy lesson on using “WHILE” in Javascript, and as I reread instructions for the 5th time, I realized I was still unclear about what I was supposed to do. So I have decided that it would be best to backtrack and fill in the gaps in Code Academy with other sources Read more about A Different Javascript Learning Source, for a WHILE…[…]