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WordPress Theme From HTML

Since completing YelpCamp, I decided to start another Udemy course that taught me how to create a site in Bootstrap (which I already knew how to do) and then walked me through how to convert it to WordPress. The course used the same Bootstrap layout for all students and I did not personalize it because Read more about WordPress Theme From HTML[…]


Certificate and Review: Colt Steele’s Web Development Bootcamp (Udemy)

I know that sometimes certificates don’t accurately represent proficiency in a subject, especially with something like web development, but I like posting them when I get them, especially when the course took several weeks to complete. Here is my latest certificate! This one is from Colt Steele’s Web Development Bootcamp (Udemy): My Review of Colt Read more about Certificate and Review: Colt Steele’s Web Development Bootcamp (Udemy)[…]

Confirming my Abilities with Bootstrap

Last week I wrote about how the exercises in the new Full-Stack Udemy course I am taking confirmed my new capacities with HTML and CSS, and now I am receiving more confirmation with building a few new things in Bootstrap. Here are some of my creations, based on Colt Steele’s tutorials from his Udemy Course. Read more about Confirming my Abilities with Bootstrap[…]


Confirming My Abilities in HTML and CSS

I just spent the last couple days working my way through the videos of Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp. I considered it a review but didn’t want to skip it because sometimes teachers have different methods of achieving effects and styling, and I wanted to make sure that I was with him when he got Read more about Confirming My Abilities in HTML and CSS[…]

Going Deeper with Web Development?

What is the next step in learning for me (if there is a next step) now that I have just completed the HUGE Web Development course in Udemy, which was a 3-month long endeavor that I really enjoyed? I originally started this studying coding because I wanted to get better at fixing my WordPress code Read more about Going Deeper with Web Development?[…]

Review: The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

I am giving Rob Percival’s Web Development 2.0 course on Udemy 5 stars, if only for the huge amount of content in this course. There is a ton of information (and a lot of good bonuses) with this course that will provide students that are new to Web Development with a good foundation on the topic. Read more about Review: The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0[…]


Finished the Web Development 2.0 Course in Udemy!

Finished Web Development 2.0 Course by Rob Percival on Udemy! Woot! In case you are wondering, this page explains what I learned in the Udemy Web Development 2.0 Course. Here are some of the topics that were covered… HTML CSS Javascript jQuery CMSs and WordPress Responsive Design PHP Coding MySQL Databases APIs Python And here is Read more about Finished the Web Development 2.0 Course in Udemy![…]


Day 2: Code Player Challenge (JavaScript / jQuery)

Today I did the walkthrough on how to create a CodePlayer (like I am proud that I got as far as I did without the walkthrough. Leading up to executing this exercise, I was a bit intimidated by the complexity, and it was true that we didn’t learn a lot of code required to Read more about Day 2: Code Player Challenge (JavaScript / jQuery)[…]

Day 1: Code Player Challenge (JavaScript / jQuery) I finished day 1 of the Code Player challenge (html, css, JavaScript, jQuery) on my own and without peaking at the source code. And I not only managed to get my stuff in a Git repository (yay), but I also managed to do some of the jQuery and Javascript on my own (yay). And Read more about Day 1: Code Player Challenge (JavaScript / jQuery)[…]

HTML / CSS Project: The BBC Website – part 1

I’m building this: I buzzed through the HTML and CSS lessons on the Udemy course, because I already covered much of the information in The Odin Project. I thought it would only take a few days to build the project, which is the BBC technology webpage, but I am on day 4 with another Read more about HTML / CSS Project: The BBC Website – part 1[…]