Amazon UX teardown: information architecture map UX Teardown

I am working my way through Viking Code School’s preparatory curriculum for their software engineering program. (And yes, I am doing Skillcrush, too. Working on both curriculums concurrently). One of the assignments from Viking Code School’s preparatory coursework is to do a website teardown of a major site (they offer a choice of three) and I Read more about UX Teardown[…]


8 Reasons why I Chose Skillcrush WordPress Blueprint

Last week I wrote that I was debating between focusing my studies on JavaScript vs. WordPress and PHP. I have chosen to do the Skillcrush WordPress Blueprint and my next course. Here are my reasons: I am very familiar with WordPress, cPanel, SQL, the Dashboard and all things related to WordPress, from using as a Read more about 8 Reasons why I Chose Skillcrush WordPress Blueprint[…]