Diving Deeper into Git, GitHub and Version Control

Today I decided to dive deeper into Git. Well, first I watched the first 5 minutes of my next assignment in Udemy, and realized that I am really not sure what to do beyond the html and css. I don’t want to look at the source code, and I feel like I might need to Read more about Diving Deeper into Git, GitHub and Version Control[…]

Mountain Scene – Greenscreen Compositing in Nuke

This is a greenscreen composite I did in Nuke. The greenscreen was remove with rotoscoping and primatte and then I added the background, atmosphere, lens flare, color correction, light wrap, etc… The breakdown of this scene will be on my reel in a few weeks. Before: After:


Happy New Year from Leslie Lello!

Hi Folky Folks! Happy New Year! This was one a project that took a number of different stages. This project started in Maya and was created for a modeling class. I textured the boxes, Christmas tree, floor and floor. Then, at the last minutes I decided to add alphas to create a more realistic look Read more about Happy New Year from Leslie Lello![…]

Waltz with Bashir

In my effort to see a variety of animated material, I took out Waltz with Bashir from the library, which is the first documentary to be fully animated. It is about Israeli veterans of the First Lebanon War, their stories, and 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre. it was an extremely clever way to tell the Read more about Waltz with Bashir[…]