Diving Deeper into Git, GitHub and Version Control

Today I decided to dive deeper into Git. Well, first I watched the first 5 minutes of my next assignment in Udemy, and realized that I am really not sure what to do beyond the html and css. I don’t want to look at the source code, and I feel like I might need to Read more about Diving Deeper into Git, GitHub and Version Control[…]

Mountain Scene – Greenscreen Compositing in Nuke

This is a greenscreen composite I did in Nuke. The greenscreen was remove with rotoscoping and primatte and then I added the background, atmosphere, lens flare, color correction, light wrap, etc… The breakdown of this scene will be on my reel in a few weeks. Before: After:

3D Digital Lighting vs. Practical FIlm Set Lighting: A Comparison

(This was a paper I wrote for one of my classes. I actually love to light sets, but I felt that to make this paper strong, I had to chose a strong thesis statement. Send a message @leslielello at Twitter if you care to discuss…)    🙂     Sixty years ago, when black and white movies Read more about 3D Digital Lighting vs. Practical FIlm Set Lighting: A Comparison[…]


Happy New Year from Leslie Lello!

Hi Folky Folks! Happy New Year! This was one a project that took a number of different stages. This project started in Maya and was created for a modeling class. I textured the boxes, Christmas tree, floor and floor. Then, at the last minutes I decided to add alphas to create a more realistic look Read more about Happy New Year from Leslie Lello![…]

Reading Droidmaker

I am half way through Droidmaker, the book by Michael Rubin that outlines the beginning of CG, starting in the 50’s with George Lucas’ childhood. As a child of the 80’s it was fun to be given material that connected the dots for me. All of the memories of computers, movies and electronics I was Read more about Reading Droidmaker[…]