php site in browser not refreshing clear cache

PHP not Refreshing in Your Browser? Solution – Clear The Cache

Have you been working with PHP using MAMP/WAMP and made changes to your code but did not see those changes on the page? The solution may be to clear the cache. This was happening to me a lot and I thought it was an issue with my browser or computer. I almost quit working with Read more about PHP not Refreshing in Your Browser? Solution – Clear The Cache[…]

tranquil-wp wordpress theme landing page screenshot

WordPress Theme From HTML

Since completing YelpCamp, I decided to start another Udemy course that taught me how to create a site in Bootstrap (which I already knew how to do) and then walked me through how to convert it to WordPress. The course used the same Bootstrap layout for all students and I did not personalize it because Read more about WordPress Theme From HTML[…]

The Making of a Portfolio

I am in a weird state right now. I have several projects to display that I have been working on over the last several months, either with a course or on my own, and I want to make a portfolio. I want to make it in WordPress because I am familiar with WordPress. I want Read more about The Making of a Portfolio[…]

My First Coding Interview – Got to Stage 3 in the Process!

When I sent in an application for a WordPress Developer posting for a company called Cafe Media, I did it because I love their content, (especially on their website Revelist), but I didn’t expect to get too far into the interview process because I am still at the beginning of my journey into PHP. I Read more about My First Coding Interview – Got to Stage 3 in the Process![…]

Going Deeper with Web Development?

What is the next step in learning for me (if there is a next step) now that I have just completed the HUGE Web Development course in Udemy, which was a 3-month long endeavor that I really enjoyed? I originally started this studying coding because I wanted to get better at fixing my WordPress code Read more about Going Deeper with Web Development?[…]


Bootstrap and WordPress: Back in Familiar Territory

I didn’t bother posting too much about the several days I focused on learning the Bootstrap framework because I actually had great ease with it. I have to add that after trudging through JavaScript to make circles disappear and reappear, there is great joy from watching a minor change in code create beautiful and sweeping Read more about Bootstrap and WordPress: Back in Familiar Territory[…]

Leslie Lello helps with Clean Living Matters

Helping with A Clean Living Website

As many of you know I am really into clean living. Well… as luck would have it, I ran into Maria Nadel, the owner of, a few weeks ago and she asked me to help clean up her website, which she said was left devastated by an incompetent web designer (broken links, incorrectly sized Read more about Helping with A Clean Living Website[…]