I hate to break the pattern of writing everyday but I got a bit busy with things. I do a weekly review and because I didn’t get to it yesterday, that is what I spent most of my time doing today. It takes time because it involves clearing my desk and anywhere else clutter accumulates… digital or otherwise. But I …

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Yoga Balancing Flow

It is meant for skiers and riders, who are constantly finding balance in movement, but it is kind of an analogy for life.

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My Lettuce Used to Have More Frequent Flier Miles

This week I entered a supermarket for the first time since March. When I tell people this, they are like, “Oh, wow.” and they are not being sarcastic. This has happened about 6 times this week. I marvel that they are marveling about this. This is not that hard to do if you source your food locally. Get to know …

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The Flow of N-Squared

I feel that if a large group of the human population focused deliberately on joy, it would be like a giant chiropractic adjustment into bringing the good that is always possible into reality.