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Breaking the Morning Process Once In a While

I love having a deliberate morning process.

When I sat down to write this blog post, I was planning to list it out my current process.

But it is sort of irrelevant because it morphs over time.

But what I also love is skipping the deliberate morning process every once in a while.

Today it is absolutely gorgeous outside. I sat on the front steps and read a book.

It was the most valuable thing I could have done today.

It is funny because a lot of books that talk about optimum living discuss building habits with things like a morning process.

But at the same time, staying in the same process keeps people in their own “hamster wheel”, thereby preventing new experiences to come in during that time.

And sometimes things only happen during that time.

So those things will be missed for as long as that morning process is going on.

So hitting the “surprise” button on one’s schedule is a good thing.

Sometimes the momentum of well built habits can be hard to push against and leave one feeling “off”.

I missed meditating so I feel a bit weird today, but I loved my unique morning (this morning ) so much, that it was worth it.

But daily reading outside would not feel good after a while.

Or maybe it would. I don’t know. I like to accomplish things. I like optimizing my mornings. It feels good to me.

Reading a book feels a bit lackadaisical.

Although, it also feels bizarrely rebellious. Maybe rebellious against my own mental cage that I have built for myself.

~ L ~

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