If you are looking for a photographer who has been working with a variety of moving and still images for over a decade (but still up with the latest technical capabilities and photography styles) you should contact me for a consult.

Get A Photo Session

Business Photography

Build better relationships with your clients by showing off your business with photography. Some clients want to see you people and your space before they walk in the door.


Interior and Exterior Photography

Corporate Portrait Photography

"Action" Photos of You Doing What You Do Best!

Pet Photography

When you meet a fellow dog owner, the next question is always, "Do you have a picture?" Be sure that you have a few great ones to share and to bring with you to remind you of your pal when you can't be with your pet.


Share Great Images on Social Media

Sessions To Show Off Personality

Treasured For Decades


Event Photography

Have you ever been doing something AWESOME but that awesome thing that you are doing is making it really hard to take pictures to share that awesome experience on social media later? I can relate, and I can definitely help you with that.


Stay In The Moment and Let Someone Else Worry About Photos

On Location With You *

More Natural Photos - Less Posing

Some of the companies Leslie has worked with are North Jersey Media Group and, Party EarthSouthern Vermont Chamber of Commerce and Portrait Simple, as well as one-on-one photography clients.

Social Media and More...

Use the images from your photo session in social media, on your website, business cards, brochures, and more!

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter constantly needs to be updated and what better way to do it than to have a photo session on a regular basis (I recommend every quarter) to keep your stream active with up-to-date and relevant pictures.

You COULD Take Pictures Yourself, BUT...

Why not leave it to a pro?

Even with cameras and cell phones getting better and better at the almighy selfie, don't you think that you owe it to yourself to get someone to take the images for you?

And if you have the resources, what is more fun than a professional photo session showing


selfie of leslie lello

Sometimes you just can't get that shot yourself... No matter how long your selfie stick!

This sounds great! Make me look !

Get A Photo Session

More Features


Location, Lighting and Framing all come into considertion.  My experience in the movie industry made me an expert at getting the right nuance in the shot.

Even More Features


Post-production photo editing and styling to create the right feel.

I know branding and can help you get a unified brand with your photography.




Hour of photography...

Ya ever plan to do something cool and want someone to shoot a few cool shots of you doing that thing?

I have.

And I have come to realize the value of being able to grab a photographer friend to come do some fast work for me.

This session must be local to my area (Ridgewood) and actual shooting time is about a half hour because it will involve talking about what shots you want and then getting those shots to you after.




Hours of photography...

This is a little longer. Probably more like a little bit more than an hour of shooting depending on the complexity of the shot.

This is a good session to take if you are looking to get some quick headshots done and want to include a wardrobe change.

Again, this must be local to my area (Ridgewood) and we can be more strategic about the shots and your branding.




Or More Hours of photography...

This will involve a consultation and the price will vary depending on the complexity of the shoot and the post-production and editing involved.

These shoots automatically start at $400 because I include 2 edited shots.

These sessions are best if you are a model or commercial actor and are looking to do a number of looks.

This is also a good session to select for film production on-set photography / candid photography and events and parties.

Starting at $800.00

2 Edited Shots Included.