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The Flow of N-Squared

Three years ago I started a course called A Year To Clear What’s Been Holding You Back on a website called DailyOm.

Well, for me that has been Whenever-I-Remember-To-Do-It-Om, because I am still working through the course.

But that’s ok. That feels like the right pace for me.

I got sidetracked by a long gig in Los Angeles and Marie Kondo’s method of clearing for about a year and then picked up the DailyOm course again a long while after.

I would love to share a snippet of today’s lesson, but after I thought about it a bit I decided that her course really is set to private so I don’t want to grab a line word-for-word.

But I will say that I was impressed because I am in a week of lessons that are focused on joy and joyful home, and it is going into the concept of collective thought and collective feeling.

I am already familiar very with this.

One, because I am an empath. Deeply empathic. PM me if you want more info about that. I don’t post that stuff here too much because it always seems too out there, so I suppose there are still things I am happy to censor here (on this site) in my writing, mainly because I have another outlet for that expression.

Two, because there is an organization called HeartMath, which I feel is the closest to quantifying scientifically the effect of the N-Squared (and 100th Monkey phenomena) of one person’s feeling or thought having an impact on the world and people around them, despite no direct communication of this thought or feeling.

I have been meditating more on joy, and I can see the positive ripple effect on the people around me.

N-Squared theory says that 2 people putting out a vibration, such as joy, will reverberate that vibration to its own square…

So when I am happy, and I see the effect on the person I live with, that is only two people (and a dog).

And yes, it could be through direct interaction.

But then I see how it is reverberating to the neighbors. The conversations have a much different feel.

Neighbors that are typically gloomy to talk to have been a pleasure to converse with lately.

And of course, that reverberates back to me and boosts the joy I was already feeling.

Sometimes I think about how if this vibration was felt by as many people on the planet as possible, it as possible would positively effect the world dramatically in a positive and palpable way.

I suppose the argument against that would be that it would be the indication of a bunch of narcissistic, hedonistic people engaging only in joy and not in matters of responsibility.

But I think that the engagement of joy within a community would actually produce such flow and synchronicity that one would feel moved to take up appropriate responsibility and it would not feel like a gut-wrenching obligation but a natural flow of what one wants to engage in.

Have you ever made dinner because you had to? Because you were hungry and other people were waiting?

In contrast, have you ever cooked dinner because you saw a great recipe and felt moved to try it and excited to see how it would come out? You didn’t NEED to make it but you wanted to, and so it did not feel laborious but rather the natural extension of your excitement to try and taste a recipe.

Two very different experiences in cooking up a meal.

I think that is what joyful flow would feel like (the fun cooking experience).

Responsible action wouldn’t feel onerous. It would feel like flow.

I feel like cultivation of such joyful feelings is important right now.

I feel like making a deliberate choice to look at things and think about the things that evoke joy are very important right now.

(Or to shift one’s perspective on the obligation of cooking a meal, to use the example above, by asking oneself, “How can I make this feel joyful? How can I look at this differently?”)

I feel like that is a duty to all of humanity right now, to do that as best one can.

I feel that if a large group of the human population focused deliberately on joy, it would be like a giant chiropractic adjustment into bringing the good that is always possible into reality.

But I am not telling anyone what to do.

Who knows? It’s all just theory anyway. From my corner of the world it feels right for me.

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